Georgia Louise

GL Weddings Founder

Speaking about the story of my life in a few words is not easy, but I’ll try my best!

I was born in Liverpool to an English mother (from Liverpool) and an Italian father.

I am a former professional tennis player, I reached the peak of my career traveling the world and coming into contact with different cultures. Thanks to my tennis career I speak fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French.
Between one tournament and another, I was helping my mother, floral designer named “Flowers and Me”. At a certain point of my career, while playing the Australian Open in Melbourne, I realized that I was on the court with my body, but my mind was there, on Lake Como, surrounded by wedding dresses and flowers.

So in 2019 I decided to end my tennis career, buy a house on Lake Como and then Georgia Louise weddings was born, where with love I carried on a passion which then became what it is today, the agency I have always dreamed of, alongside my girls who with sacrifice and professionalism manage with me a selected number of high-end events, across Italy and Europe.

4 years and 50+ weddings later, we are proud wedding planners that work just for couples that love our unique taste, style and beauty.

Meet the team

We will design and create your wedding through sketches and mood boards, showing you a preview of your unique and personalized project.
To follow you'll see the latest sketch approved by our clients and the final result during their event

Isola del Garda wedding

"You may have the universe if you may have Italy."