georgia louise

Georgia Louise

Georgia Louise

Writing the story of my life is not easy at all, I’ll try my best!
I was born in Liverpool and raised in Milan. From the age of 3, I just had one thing in mind, playing tennis. this was my call. I had a great career, I have travelled all around the world. I had to be happy but I wasn’t, by the end. This was supposed to be what I wanted to do for my work but it slowly lost it’s meaning and calling.

I decided overnight to change course and my life, reminding myself the most important thing. Never stand still. I started working as an assistant for a great wedding planner and in 2018 I opened my first wedding planning agency. I immediately realized that I was doing the right thing. 
This is the path of my life, I have the right tension that I Can’t live without and I do what I love most, making my customers the happiest I can. Because this is what is all about: creating, leaving nothing to chance, working for love and being surrounded by it.

At the moment my agency manages about 25 weddings a year, for costumers coming from all over the world: USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.

I speak four languages and I am learning the fifth one. For me it is important to be able to communicate in the language of my costumers, to fully understand what they are looking for in their most beautiful day.

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In my team I have the pleasure to work full time with Chiara, the perfect assistant, and Laura, the wedding designer everyone dreams to work with! We are based in the enchanting Lake Como and organize weddings and special events throughout Italy, And anywhere else you are calling us!

My team will be able to personalize any type of event. Together with Chiara and the suppliers, we will design and create your wedding through drawings and mood boards, showing you a preview of the final result.

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