Elena & Riaan

Elena and Riaan, one of the most wonderful couples I ever met! 

When we started working together, they were living in Dubai.

Both were travelling all around the world for work, so it wasn’t easy for them to organize everything alone without any help. They were looking for a wonderful and intimate venue in lake Como, to make their dream come true. 

Villa Aura del Lago was the choice,  an exclusive 18th-century property surrounded by a hundred-year-old botanic park and directly overlooking lake Como.

All their friends came from all over the world, enjoying the beauty and love that just lake como can  give.

for the ceremony, the have chosen a delicate and soft design for decor,  blush. Riaan asked for some high and low floating candles for the imperial table inside the villa.

Elena coudn’t stop crying during the ceremony and Riaan was very moved.

When the party started Elena changed her dress and they all had lots of fun with an amazing party with live music.