Georgia Louise Weddings, a reference professional in the Como wedding sector, received the Wedding Award 2021 for the Wedding Planner category. An important recognition, both for her career and for her great work and which credits him as one of the best wedding suppliers in the country. Georgia Louise Weddings has obtained a total of 15 reviews within her showcase on and the average score given by couples who have organized their wedding with this company is 5.0 out of 5.0., part of The Knot Worldwide group, a global leader in the bridal industry, has just celebrated a new edition of its renowned Wedding Awards and has announced the names of professionals and companies


which in 2021 won the Wedding Award. Although it has been eight years since the country’s leading wedding portal started giving these awards, this year we are facing a very special edition due to the exceptional circumstances in which the pandemic has placed the entire wedding industry. wedding. For this reason, in addition to the objective of each year of recognizing the excellence in the service offered by the companies in the bridal sector in our country, there is also that of highlighting the work of professionals who have been able to manage the reorganization of weddings together with couples. efficiently, as well as the work of the lucky few who were able to carry out the celebration of the “Covid wedding”, under special measures that made them particularly laborious.

The 2020 edition had already recognize the award to thousands of professionals for demonstrating their love for weddings and their good work beyond the celebrations themselves: addressing program changes, supporting couples, coping with months without celebrations and managing their teams in times of crisis. In 2021, as we wait for the wedding season to restart, we want to continue rewarding them for their hard work and effort.

This year, the awards are based on more than 7 million reviews collected within the portal. An important figure that is constantly increasing and that allows the awarded professionals to feel extremely proud and to keep intact the motivation to keep their award edition after edition, especially this year, which more than ever need to show the high quality. of their work. The novelty is that, exceptionally, during the pandemic in which it is not possible to celebrate the wedding normally, couples can give their opinion on the management of their suppliers in terms of flexibility, attention, rescheduling and postponement of the celebration.


The 2021 Wedding Awards were assigned to about 5% of the companies that obtained the highest number of opinions and the best reviews in each category among more than 62,000 companies, also taking into consideration the quality and professionalism of the service offered. Therefore, the most important role is played by the couples who, with their reviews written after having used the services of the professionals for their wedding, decree who will be the winners. Precisely for this reason, this award has become a reference point for the sector and a guarantee certificate for couples who, year after year, organize their weddings. Exceptionally and as a support to the sector, this year the reviews of 2019 were again taken into consideration, since it was the last season celebrated with normality, in addition to the new ones of 2020, which collect both the “Covid wedding “that the views for good management during the crisis. These opinions are, in general, highly appreciated by couples as they help them to better know the professionals they face in any type of situation.

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