Jennifer & Yannick

All the infos you need to know 🙂

Hello Jennifer and Yannick! 

I have to tell you thank you for choosing me as your wedding planner!

In this link, you can see some of the vendors I’m working with. To offer the best quality and to have all the responsability of your event, I highly recommend to use my vendors.but it is not mandatory. If you have any questions about them please let me know.

Let’s start with photographers. Different styles and different budgets. Under every picture, you have the pdf with all the infos and quotes.

Same with videographers. I need to see if for your wedding date they are available. The ones that I use the most are Paolo Cavagna, Ivan Caiazza and Reece Iveson. Andhervisuals and Alessandro Bordoni are more expensive, but have a look at them because they’re all amazing.

Catering. As a wedding planner, I don’t have any agreements with caterings. I work in a really good way with Area Kitchen and they know well Villa Rusconi Clerici. The executive chef is called Sebastiano Rovida, which is one of the most famous chefs in Italy. I will send you soon the quote!

Music. Prelude and Daniele Pavignano are two companies, they can provide everything you need (all the instruments, singers, dj’s). *Prelude is normally less expensive. Then we have Victor Angelov, I use him a lot for the aperitivo area, he’s magic. You can see on you tube or instagram what he does. Musica Evento is another company, more expensive than Prelude and Daniele Pavignano.

Flowers. I know that Jennifer is in contact with Debbie.

I don’t think you need wedding dresses and rings, but in case you need wedding invitations, and all the graphic design for menus, table plans, names, wedding tableau, ecc, you can contact Cristina. I will give you her number in case you need a quote. I have some other vendors, but in 90% of the cases everyone loves Beautiful letters.

Fireworks and sets. Sorry for the pdf in Italian, but I’m waiting the one in english, you can traslate it on google translate, if you have any questions please ask me. * In the quotes we need to add a little bit more for transport.

Vintage car rentals. You have the quote with the names of all the cars, we need to add an extra for transport, but is not that much, same as fireworks.

For the boats rentals, the quotes I have here on the link are for lake Como, the company I was working with on lake Maggiore, at the moment is closed, I’m waiting the new quotes. Normally to rent a boat after the ceremony for the bride and groom, we are around 300 €

Make Up. La palette is from lake Orta and they work a lot on lake Maggiore. You can see their works on the site under the picture. Price for trial (if you need is 150 € for make up and hair) and for the wedding day 450 € including transport. If you need make up for your guests, is going to be 80€ for both services for every guests. For the others you have the pdf with the quotes.

Extra services

We will speak about it later on, I don’t want to create confusion, but if you have any questions, please let me know!

*I don’t want to rush you, but I really need that you choose photographer, videographer and music ASAP, because September it’s the most requested month in Italy.


Foto Senza Posa

Stefano Cassaro

Alberto e Alessandra



Alessia Franco

David Bastianoni


Ivan Caiazza

Paolo Cavagna


Alessandro Bordoni

Reece Iveson


Prelude Musica

Daniele Pavignano

Victor Angelov

Musica Evento

Flower design

Flowers and Me

Wedding dresses

Giada sposi wedding atelier

Wedding invitations

Beautiful letters

Wedding rings



Make a wedding

Cars and boats service

Autonoleggio Incantesimo

Water Taxi


Make-up & Hair

La Palette

Elena Panzeri

LBW Beauty Bridal Agency

Extra services

Furniture Rentals

Table Set Rentals

Furniture Rentals (carpets, poufs, pillows)

Giant flowers

Contact Georgia Louise for a personalize quote

Transport for guest

Contact Georgia Louise for a personalize quote

Pizza Ape Regina

Lake Como tours

Contact Georgia Louise for a personalize quote