Jennifer & Yannick

Villa Rusconi Clerici – Lake Maggiore

Get inspired by J&Y Luxurios wedding on lake Maggiore, surrounded by all their friends and family members coming from all over the world

Some days are capable of inspiring a pure joy comparable to that of running barefoot in the meadows on the first days of spring.

In these days, the smiles of friends, the warmth of the hugs and the shining eyes of those who are close to you and have always known you are concentrated together.

Jennifer and Yannick’s wedding was all of this, a poem framed by the elegance of Villa Rusconi Clerici and the welcoming gracefulness of live music, an accompaniment as unique as it is essential for their special day.

If you are lucky enough to participate in days like this, it is thanks to the perfect mix of guests and professionals who, like ingredients of a magical filter, make every moment lived next to the couple unforgettable.

It is on this secret potion that the ending of a fairytale day is based in some way. A spectacular and surprising cake cut marks the beginning of the dances and kicks off the most carefree celebrations. Once again the bride and groom find themselves immersed in their colors: white, lilac and… orange (the touch so desired by the groom)!

The harmony of the flowers and their enchanted gazes are the perfect ending to this magical wedding, but they also represent the perfect beginning for the story to be written together.

We managed to combine these two colors with a base of white, to create an elegant and fresh design but at the same time unique. A bit like their guests, who came from all over the world. Colombia, USA, Montecarlo, France.

It was an incredible experience for us that we will always carry in our hearts.

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