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Quote and Contract 2022 Georgia Louise Weddings

All the infos you need to know 🙂

Hello Joanne and John, really nice to meet you!

In this link, you will find some proposals I have for you, all around Italy. 


 the problem at lake Como is that all the venues were is possible to have a wedding for 150 people, are luxury villas, such as Villa Pizzo, Villa Balbiano, Villa Balbianello, Villa Pliniana. So with the budget you have told me, I have just three proposals for lake Como. 

1. Villa d’Este. Villa d’Este is another luxury villa on lake Como, but it’s bit less expensive than the others. In case you are interested in having a quote for the reception, I will ask it. For the ceremony, the price to rent the gardens (photo attached) is 7500 €

2. Grand Hotel Tremezzo. This could be a really nice idea, inside the pdf you have all the quotations. if I’m not wrong, the maximum number here (for plan B) is 130 guests.

3. Villa Aura del Lago. I work a lot in this villa, you can have included in the price 8 rooms (one is a suite for the bride and groom) in 3 km away from Bellagio.


Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo is gorgeous. but not more than 120 people. The villa says it’s fine also with 130 guests, but I don’t want to risk in case on rain.

Villa Rusconi Clerici is bigger, so it won’t be a problem for 150 guests.

Villa Crespi. the rent is in exclusivity, with 14 rooms (8 are suites) 15000 € including the rooms. inside the pdf you have an example of menus. max number 120 guests


Villa Bettoni. you have inside the pdf the quote

Convento dell’Annunciata. this is one of the most requested places in north Italy. price is really good, for catering it will be around 135+vat10% per person, so really good


I can propose you Convento dei Neveri, which is a renovated convent. Price is 150 € per person including the rent.

Villa Lattuada. 4500 € the rent and for the catering around 130 € + vat10% per person


You have three proposals, these are the venues I use the most in Tuscany. in the first two, you have some rooms included in the price.


Two proposals. both beautiful, but we need to change number of guests, around 120/130

Depending on the choices you will make after it, with all the vendors I will propose you, there’s a big different of price between everyone. (they are all really good, I make this list after working years and years as a wedding planner). So I never promise we can stay in the budget because I can’t. 

If you have any questions about the villas, please feel free to contact me on whatsapp +39 349 6905318

Hope to meet you soon guys, lots of love from Lake Como!

Lake Como venues

Villa D'Este

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Villa Aura del Lago

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Villa Claudia dei Marchesi Dal Pozzo

Villa Rusconi Clerici

Lake Orta venues

Villa Crespi

Lake Garda venues

Villa Bettoni

Convento dell'Annunciata

Weekdays € 4.500, Friday and Sunday € 5.500, Saturday € 6.000 (VAT included)

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Convento dei Neveri

Villa Lattuada

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