Lauren & Trey

All the infos you need to know 🙂


Hello Lauren and Trey, as I wrote you by email I’m so happy to organize and to be part of your destination wedding in Italy!

In this link you will find most of my vendors, with all the infos and quotes you need to know about them. I would suggest to look just at the part of the villas, to don’t create confusion, we need to go step by step.


let’s start from LAKE COMO

We have four options that would be ok with your budget

1. Ceremony at Villa Balbianello – wedding reception at Villa Belvedere. This is an option that I use a lot of times. Villa Balbianello is one of the best venues in Italy. It’s really expensive BUT if we use it just for the ceremony, the price is fine. Then we can go by boat to villa Belvedere (about 10 minutes by boat) and we can have the wedding reception there. I will tell you more or less how much this proposal cost: 

4600 € + 22%VAT + 11 € x every guests (in case of 40 guests, around 400€) Villa Belvedere doesn’t have a price for the rent, you just have to pay for food, around 130€ vat included x guests (a lot of amazing food)

2. Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the best hotel of Italy. have a look at the pdf but don’t look at the quotes, for intimate weddings I have different prices. If you like this option I will send it to you

3. Villa regina Teodolinda

You can have a look on google at Villa Regina Teodolinda wedding. It’s one of my favourite villas on lake Como and it’s perfect for you number of guests. included in the quote you see in the pdf, you’ll have 6 suites.

4. Villa Cipressi

It’s where I work the most. same as Villa regina Teodolinda, you can have a look at villa Cipressi wedding on google. everything it’s written in the pdf.




1. Villa Riviera

This is a new villa for weddings. Let me know if you like it. it’s perfect for 40/50 guests




1. Villa Antiche Mura

As I told you the last time we were talking, Amalfi coast it’s quite expensive. This is the only villa I can propose you with your budget. It’s beautiful, but don’t ask me why Sorrento cost less than Amalfi and Positano. The same villa in Amalfi would cost much more.

I have more, but let’s start with these ones. If I put to many, we could get crazy!!

*I also have some venues in Capri, but I’m waiting the quotes from them



Lake Como venues

Villa Balbianello

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Hotel Villa Belvedere

Villa Regina Teodolinda

Villa Cipressi

Amalfi coast venues

Villa Antiche Mura

Portofino venues

Villa Riviera


Foto Senza Posa

Stefano Cassaro

Alberto e Alessandra



Alessia Franco

David Bastianoni


Ivan Caiazza

Paolo Cavagna


Alessandro Bordoni

Reece Iveson


Prelude Musica

Daniele Pavignano

Victor Angelov

Musica Evento

Flower design

Flowers and Me

Wedding dresses

Giada sposi wedding atelier

Wedding invitations

Beautiful letters

Wedding rings



Make a wedding

Cars and boats service

Autonoleggio Incantesimo

Water Taxi (Lake Como)

Larioland (Lake Como)

Make-up & Hair

La Palette

Elena Panzeri

LBW Beauty Bridal Agency

Extra services

Forniture Rentals

Table Set Rentals

Furniture Rentals (carpets, poufs, pillows)

Giant flowers

Contact Georgia Louise for a personalize quote

Transport for guest

Contact Georgia Louise for a personalize quote

Pizza Ape Regina

Lake Como tours