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Georgia Louise Weddings "quote and contract"

All the infos you need to know

Hi Meltem and Joshua !

In this link you will find my quote, with all the explanations you need and the contract.

As I said to Joshua on our phone call, I always prefer before we start to work together to find the right venue for your wedding, after that if you are happy about my work and the options I gave you, you can sign the contract and then we will start to see together all the organization of the wedding, including all the vendors.

I will explain you the solutions I found regarding what Joshua asked me .

There are three different options in Milan and two on lake Como. I don’t want to give you more to don’t create confusion.


Officine del Volo

This place it’s normally used for fashion shows and weddings. It has a unique and urban style. You will fin the quote under the picture (sorry if it’s in italian, you can translate it easily on google translate) you can rent 1,2 or the 3 spaces they have available.

Pirelli 31

The event will be at the 31st floor (top floor) of the skyscraper. You will see in the pictures the immense windows. The floor offers a privileged point of view on Milan. It’s one of the highest points of the city. It’s a modern style. I’m still waiting the quote. if you are interested in this one let me know and as soon as I receive it, I’ll send it to you.


The last option I propose you in Milan, is to rent “Alcatraz”, one of the most famous disco of Milan and Italy. if you are interested in this one, we need to book it as soon as possible, because is really requested for fashion show, concerts and events. The price to book the entire disco is  22500 € for the entire day


Villa Bonomi

The owner of Villa Bonomi is Vincenzo D’Ascanio, the most famous designer of Italy. The Villa is set in the mountains overlooking lake Como and Como city. You have included in the price 11 suites, gardens designed by Pietro Porcinai, large terrace (where we can had a beautiful crystal tensostructure), a swimming pool and also an inside place where you can have the disco with big windows overlooking lake Como. the quote is inside the pdf

Villa Balbiano

This one is probably the most known villa of Italy and Europe, I think I can have it for a better price than the one you see on the pdf, because February and March is low season in Italy, in case you choose it I will try my best. In case you book it for more days (2 or 3) the price gets cheaper. In this one we must have a tensostructure for 150 guests, and it will be directly on the lake. In the pdf you will see all the rooms available. * On my site, if you go on PORTFOLIO “shooting” there’s a video and some photos about the villa.

Let me know what you think about these options and if it’s what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the problem in Milan is the time. We have some beautiful venues but they are really strict about the time and Joshua told me he would love to have a wedding/party. Normally at midnight they ask you to take off the music and to go away. At Officine del Volo, we can stay until 2 am, not a problem for Alcatraz, don’t know yet for Pirelli 31.

Lake Como venues

Villa Balbiano

Villa Bonomi

Milan venues

Officine del volo

Alcatraz Disco

Pirelli 31

*waiting for the quote and infos