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All the infos you need to know 🙂

Hello Nina and Tommaso!

First of all, thank you for thinking about me to organize your destination wedding in Italy.

Tommaso told me you are expecting around 150/180 guests for your wedding. Unfortunately, Lake Como has some beautiful venues but with a maximum capacity of 110/120/130 so I woudn’t risk to choose a venue where in case more people are coming to your wedding, we will not be able to fit them. The venues where you can have those kind of numbers are Villa Balbiano, Villa Pliniana, Villa Bonomi and Villa Erba, but with the budget Tommaso told me, we can’t think about them.

So, for lake Como, I have left two options. 

Villa Pizzo. you will see in the pdf the prices for renting (it’s about 14K €) so to be honest we will go a little bit over budget, but think about it.

Grand Hotel Serbelloni. This place is beautiful, the ceremony would be outside in their gardens, overlooking all the lake. It’s in Bellagio. if you don’t understand the price list for the catering, it’s around 150 € per person + you have to choose a quote for the aperitivo, and wine is extra.


In the list you have some proposal around Monza e Brianza, Como Lecco triangle.

Castello di Pomerio is a beautiful castle, the price depending on the day, it’s between 2000 € and 3000 €, catering will be around 125 € + vat per person.

Officine del volo you have the quote inside, it’s a urban style in Milan, really requested for fashions show and weddings, it’s something different from the other venues, you may like it. 

Villa Semenza is a rustic chic villa, I use it a lot, they have an exclusivity with love banqueting which is a good catering. the price of the villa is around 3500 € and catering between 130/140 + vat, depending on the choices.

Villa Sommi Picenardi. A really unique villa, near to Como, if you have the possibility of looking some pictures in internet, people fall in love with the place, it has an amazing garden.

Convento dei Neveri. This one is near Bergamo, it’s really requested. It’s a renovated convent, and I think it could be a good choice for you. The price is 150 € x person including the rent of the convent. there is an inside restaurant, food is great.

Villa Lattuada looks like a princess castle but it’s a villa. surrounded by big gardens. the price here it’s around 4500 € of rent + catering around 130 +vat

I would have loved to put some more venues on lake Como, but with that budget and the number of guests you gave me, I can’t find any other solutions.

for every question, please fell free to write me on whatsapp, I’ will be happy to help you. 

As I said to Tommaso. if we find the right villa for you and you are happy to work with me, you can sign the contract that you have in this link and we can start to plan everything together.

I need to tell that I would be easy for your guests and for you to stay on lake Como, just because if they come some days before or after, it’s easy to go everywhere. If you need any help for the organization of their stay in Italy, it’s not a problem at all to help you. 

Hope to meet you soon, lots of love from Menaggio, Lake Como!

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