Photographed by Roberta Facchini

Designing Elisabeth and Kyle’s intimate wedding celebration at Villa Regina Teodolinda on Lake Como was a joyous experience. Coming all over USA, the couple and their guests enjoyed a great weekend experience at this enchanting villa.

Some say it is the house that George Clooney couldn’t get. Hardly surprising, considering Villa Regina Teodolinda is situated in the enchanted lakeside position in the famous village of Laglio, on Lake Como, a location often frequented by movie stars.

The ceremony exuded enchantment with an arch adorned with a diverse array of flowers, creating a breathtaking visual contrast. The opposing design of the arch added a unique touch, making the setting even more captivating. The magical garden provided a picturesque backdrop, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

While the couple right after the ceremony got a Riva boat for enjoy the lake sunset, the guests stayed at the villa wo enjoy a great italian style traditional aperitif, full of italian traditional food and entertained by a trio band with a great singer.

The dinner reception, nestled between two illuminated trees at the villa, was a standout moment. The fully illuminated trees created a romantic ambiance, casting a warm glow over the celebration. The intricate flower structures surrounding the wedding party embraced everyone in a floral embrace, adding a touch of elegance to the evening. Being part of such a meticulously designed celebration was truly unforgettable.

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