Photographed by Vangelis Belzenitis

You realize that a wedding was truly special when you close your eyes and immediately find yourself there: overlooking the Bay of Naples, immersed in the majesty of Villa Astor’s garden, as you caress Ionic columns and neo-classical frescoes or as you walk down the most magical gravel paths of the Amalfi Coast, walked before you by Princess Margaret, Rudolf Nuriev, Gregory Peck, Sofia Loren and many others. Villa Astor is the discovery of the wildest luxury, it’s a pearl of a thousand shades of green, reflecting the blue of the Italian sea. We still have our eyes closed, but we cannot explain anything without first introducing the bride and groom, the main and undisputed protagonists of this celebration.

Ioana and Gabriel are two attention-grabbing magnets with their dark eyes and exuberant personalities. Their love story reflects them 100 percent, it is a roller coaster of emotions: high intensity, always on the move, spontaneity and carefree.

Ioana and Gabriel complement each other and complete the setting that was designed for them. They are the queen and king of this celebration, and the setting frames them in a romantic and timeless embrace that is also fresh, genuine, and sincere.

“ … The lights are low

Looking out for a place to go

Where they play the right music

Getting in the swing”

So was their dinner, an incredible barefoot dance in the meadow, with the lights of candles and string lights, a whirlwind of sounds, smiles and cheerful voices …

“You can dance

You can jive

Having the time of your life”

This is how it should be.

The best wedding for our bride and groom is one that speaks their language and immerses itself unforced in their chosen location. And now we want to keep our eyes closed for a little longer, to feel again the excitement of those moments when a man turns into a king and meets his … dancing queen

“Ooh, see that girl

Watch that scene

Digging the dancing queen”

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