Photographed by Matteo Coltro

This year, we had the extraordinary opportunity to create a unique and intimate wedding experience aboard the luxurious 30-meter yacht, Listen Up, amidst the serene beauty of the Isole Tremiti. Known for their unspoiled charm and breathtaking landscapes, the Isole Tremiti remain one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, offering a perfect blend of seclusion and splendor.

The bride’s gown, crafted by the talented designer Isabella Caposano, was a masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship. Made entirely by hand, the dress featured delicate appliqués reminiscent of the sea, as per the bride’s wishes. The ensemble was completed with a veil subtly tinted in shades of blue, mirroring the sky and ocean’s hues.

The ceremony took place at the stern of the yacht, adorned with an exquisite floral arrangement in shades of blue, azure, and a hint of fuchsia. This serene and romantic setting seamlessly blended with the surrounding seascape.

The dining experience was a feast for the senses, held at sunset with the backdrop of the ocean’s golden hues. Custom fabrics inspired by nature and the sea adorned the dining area, complemented by hand-painted plates and floral arrangements echoing the ceremony’s color palette, with an added touch of black for elegance. Guests indulged in a menu featuring oysters, clams, and mussels, savoring the essence of the sea.

The evening culminated at the bow with a spectacular champagne tower, where the bride and her bridesmaids poured a naturally blue-tinted prosecco, creating a stunning visual celebration. The event concluded with a vintage-style cake cutting, adding a touch of timeless charm to this unforgettable experience.

By choosing such a secluded and picturesque location as the Isole Tremiti and incorporating meticulous details, this intimate wedding aboard Listen Up exemplifies the pinnacle of luxury and bespoke celebration.

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