Photographed by Marco Schifa

Curzio Malaparte once said, “Tuscany is a magical landscape where everything is gentle around, everything is ancient and new.”

The hills that embrace Tiffany and Tom’s wedding are just like that: gentle, soft, bright. It feels like walking through an oil painting by Segantini, where the figures seem slowed down, simple but happy. Where you can smell the warm sun and hear the sound of the air caressing the yellowing blades of grass.

Everything is new and old. You meet people for the first time, but the magic of Tuscany makes them seem like old friends, familiar faces you already love.

We cannot hide our affection for this wonderful couple, smiling, kind and good-hearted, almost like the Tuscan people.

The wedding was a cloud of gypsophila with white roses contrasting with the brown, yellow and reddish colors of Val D’Orcia and Villa L’Olmo Pienza, the perfect location for this luxury wedding with a genuine spirit.

At sunset all the colors exploded, expressing all their strength and beauty.

The red of the sky made all the white and transparent details of the setting and flower arrangements shine. 

The chandeliers glittered, the candelabras shone, even the underplates glowed with brilliance. The white roses became like precious pearls set in waves of gypsophila.

Leaving this wedding in Tuscany behind us, driving along the winding roads among its hills … we smile, thinking how perfectly the calm beauty of the setting reflects our beloved Tiffany and Tom.

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