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Hello Samantha and Juanzel! Nice to meet you.

In this link, you will find with my quote, where you can find also some infos about my service and the contract.

Brianna told me you are interested in getting married in Italy, with a preference on lake Como. I selected some villas that could be good for your budget. It depends obviously on the vendors you will choose, but we can stay under the 30K without any problems.


these are the options:

1. Villa Balbianello + Hotel Villa Belvedere. Villa Balbianello is probably the best villa of Italy, but it’s not in your budget if you want to have the entire wedding there. What we can do, is having the ceremony there and then 10 minutes away there’s Villa Belvedere, a beautiful terrace inside the lake, where you can have the wedding reception. There we don’t have to pay for the rent, just for food, that will be around 130 € including vat per person, which includes, big buffet, 2 first courses, one second course, dessert buffet with all the italian desserts and wedding cake. you will have a private beach and the room of the spouses if you book the reception is for free. You will have a discount of 10% of the other rooms (about 10 rooms). the price of villa Balbianello. If you have 50 guests, it will be around  6000 €. if you have 60 guests, then we have to pay the quote for 100, which will bearound 9000 €.

2. Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Best hotel of Italy and number 6 in Europe, you have all the quotes inside the pdf.

3. Villa Regina Teodolinda. I really love this one! included in the price, you have 6 suites. for the catering, it will be around 160 per person.

4. Villa Bonomi. with this villa, we will go a little bit over budget, but I leave it because it’s beautiful. Included in the price you have 11 suites for your guests.

5. Villa Cipressi. it’s in Varenna, another beautiful venue with 31 rooms in the hotel, you will find many pictures on internet. there’s the quote in the pdf.

6. Villa Aura del Lago. In Bellagio, a village in the middle of the lake, you can have it with the 8 rooms or without, everything it’s written in the pdf.


I left the two venue I used the most, you have rooms included in both venues.


At Torre La Cerniola we are a little bit over budget, but you must have a look at it!

for Villa Antiche Mura your budget will be fine.

I need to tell that I would be easy for your guests and for you to stay on lake Como, just because if they come some days before or after, it’s easy to go everywhere. If you need any help for the organization of their stay in Italy, it’s not a problem at all to help you. You can easily go to Switzerland (Lugano, another beautiful lake) and to Fox Town (girls normally love it!) It’s the most famous outlet of Europe. Lake Como it’s about 1.30 hour from Malpensa, the biggest airport, and 40 minutes by car or train to Milan city. 

If you have any questions about the villas, please feel free to contact me on whatsapp +39 349 6905318

Hope to meet you soon guys, lots of love from Lake Como!

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